Saturday, February 14, 2009

link to a poem on a poetics of caring

A day or two ago I learned that my first serious scholarly essay is coming out soon. It's about Dorothy Wordsworth as a poet in her own right and how a poetics of caring, which has never been seriously thought about, would help a poet like her. What's a poetics of caring? I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I think the best answer I have aside from this forthcoming essay is actually in a poem that was inspired by a museum exhibit. I was invited to write about some 900-year-old moccasins, and these reminded me of literary mss. I had seen and literary lives i had studied, and it all came together in this poem, through the link:

but it is likely that this link may die sooner or later. I no longer work at UNC.


Susan Richards said...

I'm so glad the link is still alive!! I am reminded of artist Lynne Allen's moccasins:

jeffrey ethan lee said...

Thanks for your interest in my work. If you want to see more, there is a lot at and at and at many other sites online.

Best wishes