Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanks to Larry Robin and co.

Because Hal Sirowitz and I had another great event reading poems together (at Moonstone Arts Center, this time 11/09/10), I just wanted to say thanks to the best indie bookstore owner in Philly, Larry Robin, for supporting me and my work with his Moonstone series, and thanks to our host Ray Garmin, and thanks to Aaren Perry for helping Hal Sirowitz and I after the event to do a brief interview for public access TV. And thanks to the nice small audience in the space, and thanks to the many dozens who were streaming it online.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

two prose poems

Nacho Nirvana

On my way home from the gym I see a sign by the pricey steak house on Broad St.—it says,

“Experience Nacho Nirvana. $6.”

I’ve been a short order cook before, and I can guess that this is probably a blend of several diabetes-inducing cheeses, grated and melted over corn-flower chips with salt and grease liberally processed in. You might as well spin the cheese in a centrifuge, separate out the fat molecules and inject them straight into your heart’s hardest arteries. Sure, it would be a shock, but think of the time you’d save in trying to kill yourself with self-indulgent grease-coated fat-laden death-flakes.

On the other hand, they’re only $6....

In Just Fifty Years

For no particular reason, Broad Street has a garish pink, violet and blue lights display beaming up the tall buildings’ facades in a sort of a synchronized disco ballroom rhythm, but slower, like the whole thoroughfare is on major tranquilizers. In the display case of Borders Books I see a cover photo of an ultra-macho guy, and the title is something like In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.